Solution-focused Therapy (6-12 sessions) — You may just need to talk to someone for a few sessions; looking for a therapist’s perspective with an issue or you want to get a jump on a struggle before they can get out of hand. In solution-focused therapy we can tackle the problem together by addressing issues such as depression, a marriage conflict, or family issues.


Long-term Therapy — You may have a chronic issue that seems to never go away; in this case, a longer term approach can be effective. By working with a professional therapist on a regular basis, you can overcome a past hurt or long-term problem, such as substance abuse, an eating disorder or past abuse.

Christian Counseling


Christian counseling is a form of psychology with enormous benefits. It is much like regular psychological counseling but draws deeply from spiritual roots and guides the person seeking help to look deeper within their faith to better their problems. By using the Bible as one source for behavioral standards, Christian counseling helps individuals resolve life issues and better their relationship with God. Effective Christian counseling is carried out by licensed therapists.


Christian counseling follows secular psychology standards for mental illness evaluation. Yet, Christian counseling differs from secular psychology in that secular psychology bases its advice on modern society and its standards, and these opinions vary widely from person to person. We’ve found that this can make secular psychology easier to disregard by a patient. Christian counseling provides guidance that is sensitive to the patients’ spiritual orientation; patients receive advice to cope with issues in a manner consistent with their beliefs making the counseling session more visceral and worthwhile to the patient, not to mention a lot more difficult to just let the advice fall by the wayside. Whether a client is recieving short or long term therapy, or is participating in a small group, the benefit’s of Christian counseling come mainly from the trust they have in their faith to guide them to a better life.