Did You Know Midtown provides certified Play Therapy?


Perhaps one of our best kept secrets is that Midtown has a very successful Play Therapy Program

Play Therapy uses a variety of play and creative arts techniques to alleviate chronic, mild and moderate psychological and emotional conditions in children that are causing behavioral problems and/or are preventing children from realizing their potential.


The Play Therapist has the option of using a wide range of play and creative arts techniques, mostly responding to the child's wishes and in so doing, forming a trusting therapeutic relationship with the young client.  The Play Therapist often works systemically, taking into account the social environment of clients, which may include peers, siblings, family, and school.


Play therapy may be non-directive (where the child decides what to do in a session, within safe boundaries), directive (where the therapist leads the way) or a mixture of the two and is particularly effective with children who cannot, or do not, want to talk about their problems.


If you visit the Midtown Center you'll discover that we have a wonderful, dedicated play therapy environment in Suite 204. This room is equipped with "toys" specially selected by our play therapists to aid in encouraging children to share their thoughts and feelings. Play accessories include a sand table with a full complement of figures, tactile toys, children's furniture, building sets and costumes, to name a few.


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Greetings! My name is Sue VanWyngarden and I am the Executive Director of what we feel is the home for hope and encouragement in the central city of Holland, Midtown Counseling Services. You're welcome to check out just who we are by browsing this website. Check out our staff, facilities and Board or request an appointment.


The Hope of Esperanza
The door to professional, licensed counseling is always open at Midtown and there is a very good reason for that. Midtown is blessed with a family of supporters who show their belief in providing effective therapy for everyone by funding Esperanza. Esperanza fills the gap between the cost of counseling and what a client is able to pay.


And here’s how it works ... clients coming to Midtown requiring financial assistance are screened for their ability to pay. Using a simple formula of $1 for every $1000 of annual income (verified by a W2 or pay stub) the session fee is determined. Clients who are in need of some help pay an average of $25 for a 50 minute counseling session.

Midtown Counseling Services is a 501(c)3 charity pleased to receive you tax deductible support