Intact Families


“I am pleased to endorse the Intact Families program initiated by Midtown.  I am convinced that their desire to end patterns of abuse with this holistic approach will make our community stronger.  The effort can also help support the Police Department in finding a path to healing for broken family systems; systems that may otherwise continue on a course of criminal activity and domestic violence.”


Thank you for standing behind Midtown Counseling Services in their effort to meet a continuous need in our city.”


~Matt Messer, Chief of Public Safety



Still, the majority of work as a nonprofit centers around those needing a little financial help to access counseling.  Here at Midtown we believe in a whole-family approach to life changing therapy.  Thanks to a generous and loyal family of supporters, Midtown has been blessed to offer our community something we call Intact Families; a Midtown initiative that provides targeted therapy to children, siblings and adult family members while working holistically with the entire family structure.


Of course, bringing families together involves skilled marriage and family counseling, which we are pleased to provide at Midtown.  In addition, Intact Families offers components that support this holistic approach.  Let me introduce you to two of these key areas:


Reaching the Entire Family with Positive Holistic Therapy


Far too frequently we encounter children in need of counseling and emotional support as a result of child abuse.  Our courts and family support organizations in the City of Holland tell us of individuals charged with domestic violence, spousal abuse, child abuse and child neglect and the profound impact this has on their children.  When these offenders have been charged and sentenced and have satisfied the courts with a fine or by serving time, they often return to their families only to continue with the same dysfunctional behavior that initially brought them into the judicial system.  Our partners tell us of an urgent need for qualified counselors to enter into therapy relationships with all family system members in an effort to repair dysfunctional family systems.


Intact Families focuses not only on the family members suffering immediate and long-term effects of domestic violence but also on the offenders within the family unit.  It’s a holistic approach to assisting children by repairing broken families through involvement of the entire family.


Susan VanWyngarden, Midtown’s Executive Director, leads the program with full staff participation; the program is built around the following core therapy services:


Play Therapy (ages 3-12)

Youth Counseling (ages 13-18)

On Site School Counseling

Whole Family & Marriage Counseling

Addictions & At-Risk Counseling

Parenting classes, art therapy, small groups

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